A Master Guide to Her Vagina

Know her better than anyone else!
If that's right, regular sex can improve your relationship and well-being. Not to mention that it's pretty good. Research proved that men who have sex twice in a week have better health and good heart conditions and lower risk of high blood pressure.
A good in-bed time also releases endorphins that can reduce stress and improve sleep for everyone. As for the female reproductive system, things can quickly be complicated. Vagina actually means the vulva and it can be delicate and complex. You must learn the interior structure of vagina in order to reach the highest level of satisfaction during sex.
Besides, the knowledge of inner parts of the vagina can also help you to try out different positions with her. Understanding a human vagina can hastily affect your love life. Basically, if you're comfortable with her vagina, your partner will probably want to be more excited, which will result in a number of health benefits for both. But better sex and paradise do not happen up magically overnight.
That's why we've summed up a list of 7 things that men should know about the vagina to handle the art of good sex.

Let the Private Investigation Begin
Let's start with, clarifying one of the most important misconceptions about her lady parts. It's not the entire genital area. If she's naked in front of you, you're really looking at her vulva, her private part that was covered with hair before the beautician went crazy with wax and muslin. Every part is there to enjoy the sexual needs, but draw the best performance of each one. You have to show them some love and attention. So latch the door, unfasten your belts and caress her!
Without extending your legs, you will see her pubic pile and two skins covered with the outer lips. Both contain layers of oily tissue that protect the clitoris and the vagina. While receiving pleasure is generally weak in this area, manual playback can help boost the signal. The jerk of puberty and external lips prepares the clitoris to stimulate sex.
Now that you gently separate the outer lips, revealing a series of thinner lips called inner lips. These hairless babies are loaded with blood vessels, nerve endings, and secretory glands. For the simple eye, the glands may look like small bumps, but they release secretions that really help to separate your lips to facilitate penetration during sexual intercourse.
When you separate the lips, you will find glands that are microscopic, so you cannot see them with the naked eye on both sides of the vaginal opening. When excited, these glands lubricate the outer part of the vaginal canal. They usually release only a small amount of moisture, so you need a lot of preliminary games to stay wet.

The Pleasure Center
This is where the clitoris is coming. It's the pink, proud protrusion, the size of a rubber pencil, and that's just for sexual pleasure. The girl has nerves of approximately 8,000 nerve endings to be accurate, the largest number found in the whole body and twice the amount found in the male penis glands, says Hoppe. Of course, this number is crazy, but you already knew it.
The best way to make a clitoris happy is direct, constant and fine oral or manual stimulation. But it is also very receptive to a woman at the top and during a turnaround in a missionary known as coitus alignment technique. In this position, when you enter the mission, two simple re-prints. Put the body in place until your shoulders stop and the penis will directly fall on the clitoris. Then crush it with a circular motion instead of pushing it, which creates more friction against the clitoris.
The friction can be wonderful and your lady cannot resist enjoying it, but sometimes the little star may be a little overexposed. As you progress to the top, "the clitoris is growing, which can cause friction to be painful." Some women say that tick stimulation at this point may resemble irritating armor, and in some cases, a strong shock, the clitoris pulls under the cover of the clitoral hood, often simply lightens the stimulation, it will feel a little better again. The first two or three centimeters of the vagina "have hundreds of nerve endings and they are very sensitive." "Because when a woman gives birth and a baby is thrown, she says" a fiery ring. "To stimulate these first centimeters of your vaginal canal, try to move them shorter and shallow during sexual intercourse".

Know Her Secret Valley
Deeper in the vaginal walls lies the strongest triumphal letter: point G. If the clitoris is known, point G is infamous. Not all women can use their potential, but it can, the rewards are phenomenal. Point G is a nickel-sized sponge and is located one or two centimeters away from the front wall of the vagina, just below the pubic mound, and you have to feel it. It has grooves full of bumps and walnut-like nodes and requires practical access and hard love. G-point nerves are contained in more thick tissue and therefore must provide deeper and firmer pressure to stimulate it. First of all, you should be really activated before accessing. This is because the fabric is not enlarged and it shows up until you look forward to the right pre-games. Stimulating G-Spot also requires access to team brands. You can hit it from behind, but the best way is to treat it with your fingers and tongue. "With the mouth of the clitoris and the fingers in the brain, it is likely that good work is done for the vagina.
Talk about the G-spot and everything she likes about her vagina and penis to enjoy sex to the fullest. Know her better than anyone else!